Marriott Markham Hotel

Climetec Fan Coil 4-pipe
170 Enterprise Blvd. – Markham Ontario
208 TD 4 pipe Fan Coil Units

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New to heart of Downtown Markham is the luxurious Marriott Hotel. The new hotel features all the latest designs and amenities that the Marriott brand is well-known for.

Offering 198 rooms, 11 suites and 10 meeting rooms the hotel does not disappoint.

Climetec Vertical Fan Coil Units are specifically designed to meet the needs of multi-floor building applications. Each Climetec Vertical Fan Coil Unit exceeds the standards of the hotel’s guest’s comfort and well as energy efficiency. Climetec’s Vertical Fan Coil Units save energy by using high efficiency electronically commuted (EC) motors that are up to 80% more efficient, similarly the units are 33% more efficient than Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) motor rated speeds. Climetec units were engineered to be quiet, making them the perfect choice as they meet and exceed the industry’s acoustical requirements. Sound is such an important part in making guest surroundings comfortable and peaceful. The result means hotel guests will enjoy ideal climate conditions throughout all seasons.

Climetec’s Smart Digital Thermostat gives end users full control of the climate in their rooms. These features make the Climetec Vertical Fan Coil Units the desirable choice for luxury hotels and why Climetec is awarded the project.
A lot goes into creating a luxurious environment in hotel rooms and spaces. Products like Climetec’s 4-Pipe Vertical Fan Coil Units help in creating that perfect space saver, desirable climate and pleasing sound comfort for guests at the Marriott Markham Hotel.

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