Improves guest room comfort and lowers energy consumption without the cost of a major renovation.

  • Replaces many existing hi-rise fan coils with smaller footprints with the latest in energy savings and IAQ features, including standard ECM, closed cell insulation, and more.
  • Does not require closing down the entire floor.
  • Uses existing materials – minimizing waste.
  • Minimizes disturbances to surrounding wall and finishes.
  • Minimizes the number of trades that need to be involved to complete the renovation
  • Minimizes downtime with the fastest hi-rise replacement in the industry.
  • Can reduce fan coil replacement cost by half as compared to traditional replacement projects.
Retrofit Model Display
Climetec RestoraMOD brochure 2

IEC or competitor’s hi-rise ready for replacement.

Climetec RestoraMOD brochure 22

Remove surface components and trim drywall.

Climetec RestoraMOD brochure 2.jpg3

Remove internal components and trim cabinet edges.

Climetec RestoraMOD brochure 4

Slide the Retrofit Unit into cavity, complete electrical and piping hookups, and start up.


Climetec RestoraMOD Brochure

Retrofit Fancoil 2 or 4 Pipe Blow Through Unit

Retrofit Fancoil 2 or 4 Pipe Draw Through Unit

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