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Ice District

Climetec Fan Coil CL-H75 2-pipe
10414103 Ave NW, Edmonton

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Located in the heart of downtown Edmonton meet the newest addition to the city, a multi-use development, ICE District.

Edmonton is one of Canada’s fastest growing cities and this development of condominiums, public plazas, sports, dinning, and entertainment is state-of-the-art.

Not only will it be a fantastic place to gather but it will be a place of celebration. The 25-acre space will embody 300,000 square feet of retail space and over a million square feet of office space.

The sustainably built tower is designed with luxury and responsible resources. LEED and Gold Standards mean that all power, water and materials within the structure are innovative and minimize the environmental impact. The Climetec Vertical Fan Coil Unit was selected for the SKY Residence and JW Marriott Hotel in ICE District because it meets and exceed the innovative and accountable solutions needed within this vibrant development.

Over 700 Climetec 2-Pipe Vertical Fan Coil Units are in the hotel and condominium and are safety certified for Canada meeting all the requirements for heating and cooling equipment. Climetec’s units come equipped with 7-Day programmable 3-speed WIFI Thermostats allowing for easy temperature control and, 1-inch Green Pleated filters to maximize air quality. The system includes electric heaters to allow for smooth season transition facing not lost in temperature control.

In addition, to offering a multitude of features the Climetec units are the ideal choice as they are engineered to be quiet, each unit meet the industry’s acoustical requirements. Sound is such an important part creating a living space that is comfortable and peaceful.

Our success is evident in our track record.

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