Bisha Exterior

Bisha Hotel

Climetec Fan Coil TD 4-pipe
80 Blue Jays Way

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Bisha Hotel and Residence is a 44-story luxury hotel containing 96 rooms and 13 suites as well as, 5 floors of residence condominiums.

The mixed-used high¬ rise is situated in the heart of Toronto’s Entertainment District the trendy neighbourhood of downtown west.

The variety of distinctive floorplans that the Bisha Hotel embodies meant providing HVAC installation that would save space and offer guests and residents the ultimate in design and comfort. Climetec’s TD 4-Pipe Vertical Fan Coil Units have been specifically designed to meet the needs of high-rise buildings. By utilizing connecting risers and multi-floor building applications, more than 500 Climetec Fan Coil Units are in place at the Bisha Hotel to meet the requirements of the guests and residents. The end result means hotel guests and residents will enjoy ideal climate conditions all year long.

In addition, to achieving optimum comfort, these Climetec Vertical Fan Coil Units save energy by using a high efficiency electronically commuted (EC) motor. This EC motor is up to 33% more efficient than a permanent split capacitor (PSC) with a motor-rated speed. These Climetec Units with EC motors meet the needs of 13 and 14 SEER ratings. Climetec Fan Coil Units are factory wired and equipped with a building automation system which gives end users full control of the technology and climate in their rooms.

For colder climates, these units are equipped with freeze protection that ensures units won’t become damaged from cold. In addition to creating the ideal climate environment in every room, Climetec units were engineered to be quiet, making them the perfect choice for the sensitive sound needs of guests and resident alike. The Climetec units in the Bisha Hotel and Residence meet and exceed the industry’s acoustical requirements for occupants. Enhancing luxurious living spaces with the optimum in flawless climate and pleasing sound comfort for guests and residents in buildings like the Bisha Hotel, is what Climetec is known for.

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